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Wampus Cats'
Season Opener
@ Buckeye
Friday September 5, 7:00 PM

LHS Announcements
  • Guest and Visitor Check In
    To Parents and Visitors:

    Leesville High School is instituting a new visitor sign-in protocol to improve security. All visitors and guests will now be required to stop by the office upon arrival and sign yourself into our new Visitor Pass Registry Book.

    1. Complete the badge by listing your name, destination, the date, and your time of arrival. ("time in")

    2. Remove the badge and apply it to your clothing in a visible location. Our staff has been trained to look for badges identifying all visitors to insure our protocols are being followed.

    In the event of an emergency, it is critical that everybody in the building be accounted for. Careful and conscientious observation of sign-in procedures will better enable the school to ensure the safety of all building occupants, including students, employees, staff, and visitors.

    Thanks for your cooperation and support!

  • Opt in to receive cell phone text alerts!
    Leesville High School is excited to offer the ability to send alert text messages to parents, students, staff, family and community members. This is another tool we will use to communicate information and alerts.  This mass text messaging system is called  If you wish to opt-in to receive text alerts to your cellphone from LHS, please join. 

    To opt-in to receiving text messages, please send a text message from your cellphone to the number "23559" with the message "JOIN" followed by the campus account listed below.  Please include the @ sign and don't use any spaces.


    Example:  I want to receive text messages from the Leesville High School - address the text message to 23559 with the message JOIN@LHS_News.  You will receive a confirmation that you have been subscribed to the LHS News group.
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Parent Command Center
In efforts to keep our parents updated on the progress of their child, the Vernon Parish School Board is providing the Parent Command Center.  To use this innovative program, click the link below and either login or register as a new user.  For help with the program, contact the LHS Counseling Office.
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