Foreign Language

  • French I and Spanish I (1 credit each)
    This course introduces the beginning foreign language student to the basic skills and concepts necessary for communication in daily situations.  Accurate reproduction of native sounds, use of common phrases and vocabulary, and basic structures will be stressed.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills will be integrated through various creative activities.  Culture will be studied so the student may recognize that language is the end product of history and custom.

    Prerequisite:  None

  • French II and Spanish II (1 credit each)
    This course reviews the basic structures learned in the first course and continues with additional structures, expressions, and vocabulary.  Listening and speaking skills are refined and further developed.  Reading skills are reinforced and writing skills are improved through guided compositions.  Cultural studies are integrated into the lessons and stressed through creative activities.

    Prerequisite:  French I or Spanish I

  • French III and Spanish III and IV (1 credit each)
    This course will further strengthen the foreign language standards in which communication is the central goal.  There will be dialogues concerning the daily situations as they relate to additional vocabulary and idiomatic expressions of the language.  This course will include sequential steps in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Grammar will be emphasized.  The history and culture of the people will be explored through literature.

    Prerequisite:  French II or Spanish II or III

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