• Six-Weeks Grading Periods
    First Six-Weeks  August 9 - September 20   30 Days
     Second Six-Weeks  September 23 - November 1  28 Days
     Third Six-Weeks  November 4 - December 20  28 Days
     Fourth Six-Weeks  January 6 - February 21  32 Days
     Fifth Six-Weeks  February 24 - April 4  30 Days
     Sixth Six-Weeks  April 7 - May 20  26 Days
  • Parish Grading System
     Grade  % Equivalent Definition Quality Points 
     A  93-100 Excellent  4
     B  85-92 Above Average  3
     C  75-84 Average  2
     D  67-74 Below Average  1
     F  0-66 Unsatisfactory  0
     These scores should be used to determine midterm and final averages:
     A = 3.51-4.0
     B = 2.51-3.5
     C = 1.51-2.5
     D = 1.0-1.5
     F = 0-0.9
  • Click here to view graduation requirements

    Grade 9 -- 5 Units

    Grade 10 -- 11 Units

    Grade 11 -- 16 Units

    Grade 12 -- 23 Units


    To receive full credit in a full credit course, students must earn a minimum of 7 quality points per year with at least four of these quality points earned in the last semester.  For a half-credit course, the student must earn a minimum of 4 quality points.


    All courses must be pursued for full credit.  The only exceptions would be:

    a. Those courses designated as half-credit courses by Bulletin 741

    b.   Courses where the principal has granted permission for the student to receive half credit


    Seniors must be in attendance for at least 167 instructional days, each consisting of a minimum of 330 minutes of instructional time.  Early dismissal of seniors for tests, etc., is not to begin until after the minimum of 167 instructional days has been met.


    The Vernon Parish Summative Tests for Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies will be used as the final examinations in grades nine through twelve.

  • Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Computing Grades
    The midterm grade shall be computed by averaging the three six-weeks grades.  Each grade shall count one-third of the total grade.  Convert all grades to quality points and divide by three (total number of grades).  Final grades for semester courses will be the average of the three six-weeks and the final exam (if appropriate).  The final grade for a full year shall be computed by using seven grades; the six six-weeks and the final test grades.  Convert all grades to quality points and divide by seven (see Parish Grading System above).
  • Determining Grade Point Averages
    In determining grade point averages for the purposes of ranking students and determining valedictorian and salutatorian honors, the following procedures should be used.  Grade point average is defined as the TOTAL QUALITY POINTS DIVIDED BY THE NUMBER OF COURSES TAKEN.  Each student’s final grade in each subject should be converted to quality points.  The total quality points should be divided by the total number of grades received.  All averages should be computed to four decimal places.

    One Semester Courses   Two Semester Courses
     (4 grades)  (7 grades)
     A = 16-15 quality points  A = 28-25 quality points
     B = 14-11 quality points  B = 24-18 quality points
     C = 10-7 quality points  C = 17-11 quality points
     D = 6-4 quality points  D = 10-7 quality points
     F = 3-0 quality points  F = 6-0 quality points

  • Principal’s List Banquet
    At the end of the 1st semester, there is a special banquet sponsored by the faculty and administration for all students who are pursuing a minimum of 4 Carnegie Units and have earned at least a 3.8 G.P.A. or higher for the 1st semester.  This banquet is held in recognition of the hard work and achievement of these students.  At this time the following awards are presented:

    1. 1st Year – Medal
    2. 2nd Year – Plaque
    3. 3rd Year – Pen/Pencil Set
    4. 4th Year – Letter Sweater
    5. &
  • Student of the Six Weeks
    Each six weeks, every teacher submits one student’s name as a Student of the Six Weeks in recognition of the student’s efforts in the classroom. These students will be honored on a display located in the hallway outside the main office.  Their criteria does not consider a student’s honor roll status.
  • Honor Rolls
    There will be two honor rolls each six weeks.  The “A” Honor Roll will be composed of students who have no grade lower than an “A”.  The “B” Honor Roll will be composed of students who have no grade lower than a “B”.
  • Correspondence Course Guidelines
    Credit toward high school graduation for high school students shall be earned through correspondence work from Louisiana State University.  Approval for students to take a correspondence course will come from the senior counselor and the principal.
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