• Registration at LHS
    Items to bring:
    1. Transfer or withdrawal form with grades
    2. Transcript
    3. Copies of: Birth Certificate, Immunization Record, and Social Security Card

    **Enrollment packet can be obtained from Counseling Office.

    ** If you register ­by noon, your student will start school the following school day.  If you register AFTER noon, your student will start school two (2) school days later.

  • Required Immunizations

    Any parent registering a child for school shall provide the school with a valid immunization record, which complies with minimum immunization requirements as set forth in section 17:170 of the Louisiana State Law.Immunization records should show the date of each shot given.A copy of ­all immunization dates must be provided to the school for enrollment.

    1.  In-progress students:

    a. Any child who was due an immunization prior to registration must receive the necessary immunization before being allowed to enter school.

    b. Any child may be registered providing the next immunization due comes after the date of registration.

    c. Any child admitted into school who is in-progress must complete his/her immunization program on schedule as indicated by the due date.

    2. Transfer Students:

    a. Students transferring from another parish, from another state or from a private school must comply with the above policies.

    b. Students transferring within the parish:

    i. The school from which the child is transferring must provide the parent with a copy of the child’s immunization record along with the transfer papers.

    ii. The school admitting the child should evaluate the immunization record to insure that the child is in compliance with minimum immunization requirements.


    4DPT (diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus) last DPT after 4th birthday

    3 polio – The last polio must come after the 4th birthday

    2 MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) – Before entering school

    Td (tetanus/diphtheria) – Booster every ten years

    HBV (Hepatitis B) – Series of three shots

    Varicella (Chckenpox) – Before entering school

    (Because these are minimum requirements, parents should consult their doctor concerning other vaccines available to prevent diseases.)

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